Say Hello to the New KSJG!

November 01, 2017

The New KSJG

It’s official!  Kushner, Smith, Joanou and Gregson, LLP is pleased to present its new name and its new look!  Our moniker represents the many new members of the firm and our growth since its inception 38 short years ago!

With our continued technology-forward approach, we’ve truly transformed into a 21st Century CPA firm.  We’ve always been pioneers and were among the first CPA firms to go paperless.  We wanted our new name to reflect the sleek upgrades we’ve adopted over the last few years.

People have always loved the way our website looks and its ease of access.  We’ve now made it more interactive, with blogs that examine key local and industry-related issues affecting business owners.  We’ve also loaded it with video content that gives a closer look at our case studies and an inside look at the professionals who make KSJG great, from the community events that we sponsor to the services we provide.

As featured in a recent Orange County Business Journal article, we will also be introducing a new dashboard in the coming months.  What we developed is a way to translate a company’s financial statements into a format that is easy for executives and business owners to understand. An audit should provide business owners more than a set of financial statements to present to the bank.  Our dashboard allows business owners to look at these metrics through the same lens that financial institutions do, exposing any potential blind spots to owners regarding their business.

While our name has changed, our passion for what we do and our commitment to our customers has not.  We are our customers’ biggest advocate and love to see them thrive, especially in difficult economic times.  Our focus on privately held companies means that we take a partnership role with our customers and actively advise them on how to grow their company.

We focus on this core group of Americana because we are also a privately held company, and are cognizant of the many challenges small business owners face.  This focus has required us to be flexible – we are a small enough firm that we offer a customized and personal experience, but still large enough to have the technical abilities of a national firm.

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