Tough Questions Answered by KSJG

August 01, 2014

The accounting world is quickly evolving just as all business services have done in the last decade. How, may you ask? Larry Gregson, our expert audit partner at KSJG, addresses some of these questions in the July 14th Q&A section of the Orange County Business Journal®.

There are multiple factors that have changed the landscape of accounting; technology being the main driver. Gregson explains, “Technology has had a great impact on the accounting profession…each computer was virtually like adding another person to perform the work.”

KSJG has implemented numerous technological advancements to assist in building personalized, long-term relationships with clients. The quality of service and attentiveness that KSJG brings to the table highlight how these progressions have helped the company remain one of the industry leaders.

For the full Orange County Business Journal® article, please click here.

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