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September 13, 2013


The OC Register details how we consistently perform year after year.

Recently published by the Orange County Register, an article titled KSJG Continues to ‘Look Forward’ details how our firm continues to improve and succeed.

It is nice to be recognized for our success in helping privately held, Southern California-based companies continue to prosper. Our firm only works with private companies because of our unparalleled focus and expertise in the area, and we find that private companies tend to be more passionate. We share the same excitement and enthusiasm.

We’re more than just an accounting firm. At KSJG, we have an established record of success in consulting and advising clients on major financial decisions not normally expected from an accounting firm. We work with our clients as partners, even sitting on their financial advisory boards. It is because we have a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and we tailor our strategic insights to their needs.

Continue to look forward with us at KSJG.

Read more about us from the Orange County Register.


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