Irvine Company - Customer Spotlight

January 13, 2016

Kushner, Smith, Joanou, and Gregson, LLP, an certified public accounting firm in Irvine Spectrum, shares the competitive edge that makes it unique - the KSJG ADVANTAGE.

When things in business move quickly, Kushner, Smith, Joanou, and Gregson LLP has a proven competitive edge which no other certified public accounting firm in Orange County can claim – the KSJG ADVANTAGE.

“Through the ebbs and flows of the economic cycle, we have to be able to stay nimble and cohesive,” said Robert Kushner, founding partner of KSJG.

The foundation of the KSJG ADVANTAGE is based in teamwork, trust and partnership: three core qualities that have driven the firm to become a top provider of financial services.

As Paul Martin, owner of the Gourmet Trading Company, explained in a promotional video for KSJG,

“I like working with KSJG because you get more than just a regular accounting function that you get from an accounting firm… you develop a personal friendship and a trust.”

As one of KSJG’s valued clients, the Gourmet Trading Company not only benefits from KSJG’s expert accounting services, but also its strategic advisory consultation.

“Bob [Kushner] traveled with me to Peru to meet with some of the professionals we deal with for our farming operations down there, and we talked about ways to safeguard assets,” said Trent Grose, CFO of the Gourmet Trading Company.

Being able to provide that level of personalized, quality service is precisely why KSJG only works with privately-owned companies. The firm truly sees its clients as partners, and being able to work one-on-one with private business owners has led to an established record of success.

Debra Butz, Controller at KSJG, explained, “We have built a culture and environment where our associates get to know clients and have a passion for what [our clients] do.”

The KSJG ADVANTAGE is also evident in the partnerships that the firm has built within the community. As a valued Irvine Company Office Properties customer for 27 years, KSJG is an integral partner in the growth and success of the region’s workplace communities.

In their fourth office space expansion in recent years, KSJG intentionally chose to retain one office headquarters in Irvine Spectrum rather than having multiple satellite office spaces throughout California.

The firm strongly believes that doing so keeps its associates cohesive, cutting-edge, and responsive.

“We have a footprint [here],” said Kushner. “One of the things that we’ve done in the Irvine Area is giving back to the community. We feel like we are pretty lucky to be here…and this is one of those communities where we want to give back.”

Employees have responded well to the culture and community that KSJG has built in the Irvine Spectrum. For the fifth year in a row, KSJG has been honored as one of Orange County Register’s Top Workplaces. Employees credit the firm’s leadership for creating a team-oriented culture that also embraces fresh and innovative ideas.

Audit Partner, Dana Joanou, explained, “We do a lot of recruiting in local campuses to attract students who are entrepreneurial in thinking and bright-minded. That’s where we can help shape them along the way. We are looking for a unique person who embraces our culture but also thinks outside the box to advise our clients.”

Employee satisfaction has resulted in long-term “homegrown” associates who have been with the firm more than 30 years; many of whom have expressed enjoyment of KSJG’s ideal location in the Irvine Spectrum.

“It’s one of the selling points…building a Spectrum Center with our businesses, and then adding in retail and apartments so you can live, work, dine, and shop all within this small Spectrum area is brilliant,” said Joanou.

In many ways, the evolution of Irvine Spectrum mirrors KSJG’s own steadfast growth in recent years. KSJG has grown to provide premier services in audit and review, accounting, tax services, and management and strategic consultation across many different industry segments including aerospace, assisted living, construction, employee benefits, manufacturing, non-profit, agriculture, banking, distribution services, food, mortgage banking, and real estate.

What’s more, their clients have operations in all fifty states and several international locations. And yet, KSJG continues to call Irvine Spectrum home.

“We find it to be an environment that enhances our work experience…it’s been a really rewarding experience,” said Joanou.

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