Thank you for volunteering in support of our 24th Annual Women's Career Success Graduation!

May 18, 2014

May 18th Working Wardrobes Women’s Career Success Graduation
Los Amigos High School

“Working Wardrobes Women who have successfully completed the Career Success Institute workshops are ready to graduate. These women have overcome great challenges and need a major boost to their self-esteem to feel more positive. The “Career Success Graduation” provides services that will re-build self-esteem and develop confidence so that the “inside” will match their professional outside. “

It was my pleasure to participate in the 24th Annual Working Wardrobe Career Success Graduation day on May 18, 2014 at Los Amigos High School.  I arrived at the high school at 7:00 am in the morning and was treated to breakfast and met some of my fellow volunteers.  I was assigned as a “Personal Shopper” and at 7:30 am, I took a 30 minute instruction course on how to perform my duties for the day.  I teamed up with a couple women I met while I was having coffee earlier and we took to the show room.  The shopping area was the high school’s gymnasium which had been transformed into a fashion outlet.  Clothing had been donated from numerous of clothing drives and some retailers donated brand new items.   It was set up by size and clothing designation (i.e. suits, pants, tops, etc.).  The graduates were than escorted into the gym and each was put in the capable hands of one of the 22 teams. 

When we met our first client we took a lot of time getting to know her.  She told us she wasn’t very fashion savvy and needed a lot of help.  She was hoping to get a job in the construction industry which helped determined her wardrobe needs.  We spent the hour pulling slacks, tops and jackets along with accessories like scarves and jewelry.  That hour flew by, but when we were done she looked great and she was so excited for the fashion show that would come later in the afternoon. 

Our second client was a veteran and had been a nurse.  She definitely knew what style she wanted and even the color palate.  She was all about purple!  When we were done she had a great purple suit along with matching shoes and purse.  She looked like a million bucks in the fashion show.

Our last client came to us from Laura’s House and had just started a job in marketing.  She was hoping to find some knock out clothes to make a good impression with potential clients.  Each team member went in search of that perfect outfit.  At the end of her hour she said she felt like Cinderella. 

After spending an hour with each of these women we were ready for lunch.  The Olive Garden provided a wonderful feast for all the hungry volunteers and guests.   After lunch the graduates gave us an outstanding fashion show.  What a difference there was in their posture and demeanor from when they first walked into the gymnasium to when they walked across the stage.  Jerri Rosen, founder of Working Wardrobes, asked for some of the graduates to talk about their journey to graduation day.  It was really emotional and inspiring to hear how this organization has helped them feel like they can get back into the working world and land a job.  At the very end of the day all the volunteers were given a rose.  We then lined the hallway of the high school and as the graduates exited the building we handed our flowers to these newly empowered women. 

I can’t wait to do this again next year!!!

Debra Butz

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