Tour of Goodwill Industries of Orange County

January 08, 2014


It’s a brand new year! January is always a month for new events: we are preparing for another exciting busy season and we have new staff starting.

This year we took our newest staff members on a field trip to Goodwill Industries of Orange County. We arrived at their Santa Ana facility and were greeted by Doug Wooley and Sam Gookin, both passionate individuals about Goodwill’s mission to assist people to overcome barriers. We were shown the entire facility, including sorting areas, the packaging process, and the MarketPlace. The MarketPlace is a daily auction house where anyone can go and bid on large pallets of clothing, housewares, and sporting goods not sold in the store. It was also explained that beyond the items that are donated at drop-off centers, they partner with companies within Orange County to provide job opportunities for their staff. We watched a group of individuals refurbish remote controls for a local cable company. Our last stop was a tour of the store and we were amazed at the inventory, particularly how well it was organized and displayed. Sam explained that not all the items in the store were donated merchandise. Goodwill partners with larger retail stores to receive overstock items that are actually brand new. 

During our tour, Joe Burke, VP of Marketing, joined us and provided statistics on how many individuals are helped by Goodwill each year as well as the minimal impact they have on landfills due to their efforts. He also told us about their state-of-the-art Fitness Center, specifically designated for people with physical disabilities. 

At the end of the tour we all had a better understanding of Goodwill; it is so much more than a donation center and used clothing store! It was an inspiring morning for us all.

Goodwill OC Logo "Find the Good and the Good Will Find You!"

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