Why Accounting & Consulting

For years now, we’ve been consulting and advising our clients to help them make major financial decisions — ones that you might not expect your accounting partner to be involved in. Decisions like, “Should we expand into the northeast?” — “Should we build a new manufacturing plant?” — or “Are we handling our banking relationships correctly?”

After completing our rigorous Tax and Audit services for a client, we begin to get a clear picture of their business — what makes it tick, what isn’t working, what is, where are the opportunities, etc.

We believe that our deep understanding of our clients’ complete financial outlook, coupled with years of consulting experience — plus our specialization in privately held companies within specific industries — qualifies us to see business decisions from a uniquely clear perspective. We see your business in its totality now and also have vision to see what it could be, and how to get there.  These deep insights are what separate KSJG from other tax and auditing firms.

We sit on several of our clients Financial Advisory Boards.  We have been deeply trusted by each of them for years.  We have a proven track record of giving sound strategic advice.

Gourmet Trading Company

Paul Martin is the owner of Gourmet Trading. Gourmet Trading’s U.S. operations specialize in importing and distributing asparagus and blueberries...

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