Two major factors drive our unique methodology.

The KSJG Experience

Company Culture

A culture of high-end client service permeates our firm from top to bottom. We care about your business and our team makes sure you know it.

Meet Our Team


Selective Focus

At KSJG we only work with private companies in specific, local industries. It gives us a unique perspective and provide personalized advice.

Why Focus Matters

It’s not just talk, we roll up our sleeves and get to work on behalf of our clients. You gain the experience and perspective from successful financial strategies executed by hundreds of private companies.

We’re selective about the industries we work in, so you know you’ll get the highest level of experience and expertise.

Choosing clients is as important to us as it is to you. Many firms can perform accounting services, but we go above and beyond with extensive and deep knowledge of the individual industry factors surrounding each sector. The cash flow concerns involved in Construction versus the cash flow of a Service business are very different, and we know it.

Working with us not only guarantees standard financial expertise like audits, tax, and consulting – we serve as expert financial strategic partners.

At KSJG, we work with our clients as a team — we see it as a partnership — in order to grow our clients’ businesses and lead them to success.

The Difference

Growing Together


To us, client relationships are everything. We want to know your business inside and out, to form a strong long-term bond that will yield mutual success.

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We feel our ability to provide a variety of financial services — and the number of years we’ve been successfully delivering quality work — reflects our competency, as well as our passion for helping our clients prosper.

We focus on clients who are Southern California-based, privately held companies. We have gained valuable experience over the years, focusing our expertise in specific industries. Concentrating on privately owned companies and specific industries has given us a deep understanding of what affects your business. This means we can provide better insights and unrivaled service. Our clients have operations extending to all fifty states and several international locations.

Why focus on private companies?

The answer for us is simple, we know their challenges and what they face. The owners we work with are excited, passionate, and driven…just like us.